Name Meaning Dictionary

Name Meaning Origin
Aaron Boy Enlightened Hebrew
Aba Girl Born on a Thursday African
Abbas Boy Lion Arabic
Abbie Girl Form of ABIGAIL - my father's joy Hebrew
Abbott Boy Father Hebrew
Abby Girl Form of ABIGAIL - my father's joy Hebrew
Abdallah Boy Slave of God Arabic
Abdiel Boy Servant of god Hebrew
Abe Boy Form of ABRAHAM - father of a multitude Hebrew
Abel Boy Breath Hebrew
Abeni Girl Girl prayed for African
Abie Boy Form of ABRAHAM - father of a multitude Hebrew
Abigail Girl My father's joy Hebrew
Abijah Boy The lord is my father Hebrew
Abina Girl Girl born on a Tuesday Unknown
Abira Girl Strong Hebrew
Abner Boy Father of light Hebrew
Abraham Boy Father of a multitude Hebrew
Abram Boy High Father Hebrew
Abran Boy Father of the multitude Spanish
Abrial Girl Open French
Abrielle Girl Open French
Abril Girl Open French
Abu Boy Father African
Acacia Girl Thorny, naive Greek
Acantha Girl Thorny Greek
Accalia Girl Foster mother of Romulus and Remus Latin
Ace Boy Unity, first-rate Latin
Achilles Boy Strength Greek
Ackerley Boy From the oak-tree meadow English
Ada Girl Happy Teutonic
Adah Girl Beautiful addition Hebrew
Adair Boy Oak-tree ford Gaelic
Adalia Girl Noble one German
Adam Boy Red earth Hebrew
Adamina Girl Daughter of the earth Hebrew
Adan Boy Earth Spanish
Adara Girl Beauty Greek
Addison Boy Son of Adam English
Ade Boy Crown, royal African
Adeben Boy Twelfth-born son Ghanaian
Adelaide Girl Noble and kind German
Adele Girl Noble German
Adeline Girl Form of ADELE - noble French
Adelle Girl Form of ADELAIDE - noble and kind German
Adena Girl Sensual Hebrew
Adiel Girl Goat African
Adlai Boy Refuge of god Hebrew
Adler Boy Eagle Teutonic
Adley Boy Just Hebrew