iAkismet is a plugin that integrates the popular anti-spam service Akismet.com with with the following extensions in order to stop spam.

Testing instructions

To simulate a positive (spam) result,  use the form below  and set the name to viagra-test-123

The form is also protected by SecurImage captcha plugin and in this case the Capthca plugin is executed before iAkismet, therefore you have to enter a correct captcha code.

Fields marked with * are required

Please keep in mind that this email is for Testing purposes only and will not be replied. If you need to contact us, please use this form.

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Unlike other anti-spam services, Akismet does not present the visitor with captchas. Instead it scans the visitor's post, name and email address and runs hundreds of tests to determine whether it's spam or not. It's a completely automated way to protect your forms from spammers.

Currently this plugin works with:

  • Joomla User Registration
  • Joomla core Contacts component
  • Contact Enhanced Component 3.3.3+ and 2.5.24+
  • Kunena 3+
  • iFormBuilder 3.3+
  • Ajax Contact 3.3+
  • Ajax Recommend 3.3+
  • iRecommend 3.3+

We hate spam as much as you do

We all hate spam. It’s annoying. It hurts your site’s credibility. Filtering it manually is confusing and time-consuming. Time spent dealing with spam is time stolen from the business of your site.

Access to get a FREE or commercial API key from akismet.com and simply paste it back in the plugin options. Don't forget to enable the plugin and it should already start blocking undesired spam messages and posts.

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